Legacy Intel NIC Teaming/Bonding on Windows 10 (after Windows Update)

Windows 10 Creators update removed NIC teaming while Intel doesn’t offer teaming support for legacy devices on Windows 10.
But what if I told you, they do?

Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape, or form responsible for your actions. If you burn down your house or hurt yourself, don’t blame me. But anyway, happy modding.

What do you need?

    • Legacy Intel NIC (in my case Intel Pro/1000 PT Quad),
    • Windows 10,
    • Goats.

Step by Step:

  • 1. Install the latest Windows 10 Drivers for Intel NICs

I used version 24.2 as it was the latest version at the time.
Grab it from here: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25016/Intel-Network-Adapter-Driver-for-Windows-10

  • 2. Install or extract the driver

In my case I could just install the driver normally. If you can’t install the driver, due to the adapter no longer being supported, just extract the archive using WinRAR.

  • 3. Select the wrong driver

All you have to do is choose the wrong driver, that somehow works and magically support teaming.

I choose 217-LM, but 218 and 219 also worked in my testing.

(My NIC is already teamed.)

  • 4. Setup the teaming

I already created the team, but it’s as simple as clicking New Team… 2019-09-29_17-18-32

That’s It, You’re Done!

UPDATE: Windows 10 1909 somewhat broke this method.
Now you need at least one card that supports teaming. But don’t worry you can remove it later.
Create a Team just like before but with a supported card, then remove the card, this will totally crash the manager, so don’t close anything, wait 5 minutes, then reboot.
And wola, it works.

I’m sure Intel will patch fix this Soon™.
Anyway have fun while it still works.