HP 1Gb SFP RJ-45 (SP7041-ISS) Module flashing / unlocking.

As some of you might already know, SFP module locking is quite standard. So let’s talk how to bypass the hardware protection on these modules and save some money.

We bought those modules since we assumed they could be flashed and somehow made to work on Cisco gear. We were very wrong.
So as they were unusable anyway, I decided to take one apart.

Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape, or form responsible for your actions. If you burn down your house or hurt yourself don’t blame me. But anyway, happy modding.

What do you need?

    • SP7041-ISS module (has to be the same as in the picture, the new models don’t work)
    • Soldering iron (10€),
    • Two small slotted screwdrivers (???),
    • A device that can flash modules (checkout my other posts).

Picture of the needed parts:


Step by Step:

  • 0.5 Remove the bale clasp lock

Use a small screwdriver to gently remove the lock and the bale claps (golden part). Make sure to save them for later.


  • 1. Open the module

Use one of the screwdrivers and put it on top of the metal spring (picture above), slight turn the screwdriver just enough to slot in the second screwdriver as far right as you can (start of the module), then twist the second screwdriver to the right (start of the module), one of the latches will most likely break but the other one should stay intact.

  • 2. Fully dissemble the module

Remove the spider (the reflective heat sink), slide out the PCB, remove the unlocking mechanism.


  • 3. Inspect the module


DeepFryed images provided by OnePlus 5.

  • 4. Remove the R22 resistor

Despite there not being a public datasheet for the ATH504 chip, one seller mentions hardware write protection. Removing the R22 did the trick.


  • 5. Flash the module

Before the mod: 2019-08-20_10-08-44

After the mod:


  • 6. Reassemble the module


That’s It, You’re Done!

If you are looking for SFP dumps make sure to check out my Github.