Flashing ATMEL MEGA based SFP+ modules with software write locks.

Some SFP+ modules are software locked. In this case the following modules are ATMEL MEGA based.

Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape, or form responsible for your actions. If you burn down your house or hurt yourself don’t blame me. But anyway, happy modding.

What do you need?

    • ATMEL MEGA based SFP (Tested on: BLADE BN-CKM-SP-SR and Brocade 57-1000012-01)
    • A device that can flash modules and allows the power to the module to be disconnected (check out my other posts).

Picture of the needed parts:

In our case an ATMEL MEGA 168P. So no need to open it like this.

Step by Step:

  • 1. Plug in the module with the power connected

Open up a constant read via the I2C interface.

  • 2. Start flashing the module repetitively

This shouldn’t be able to write anything till the next step. But make sure it’s trying at least.

  • 3. Unplug the ground rail (or 3.3V rail)

While unplugged the read and write should be failing partially. But after some time the write should be finished.
Stop the write and plug in the rail again.
On some modules, removing the 3.3V works way better than removing the ground. So make sure to test both.


That’s It, You’re Done!

If you are looking for SFP dumps make sure to check out my Github.